Director & Officer Stock Ownership

The table below displays the number of shares beneficially owned by officers, directors and 10% shareholders based on their most recent Section 16 filings. Total common shares owned excludes stock options held.
Name Relationship/Title Total Held
Allison Miles Jay Director, Chairman & CEO 1,286,601
Burns Roland O. Director, President & CFO 753,440
Davis Elizabeth B. Director 70,198
Foster Morris E. Director 64,749
Gillette D. Dale VP of Legal & General Counsel 83,197
Harrison Daniel S. Chief Operating Officer 206,383
Jacobi John David Director 22,686
Lockett David K. Director 53,322
Martin Cecil E. Director 63,995
McBurney Michael D. VP of Marketing 61,427
McGough Patrick Vice President of Operations 21,779
Mills Ronald Eugene VP of Finance. and IR 16,697
Presley Daniel K. VP of Accounting 100,354
Romoser Russell W. VP of Reservoir Engineering 58,489
Sanders LaRae L. Vice President of Land 90,585
Sewell Frederic D. Director 46,715
Singer Richard D. VP of Financial Reporting 46,517
Sledge David W. Director 60,545
Stribling Blaine M. VP of Corporate Development 78,960
Terry David John Sr. VP of Corporate Dev. 38,566
Turner Jim L. Director 89,470
Ward Whitney VP of Marketing 19,964
Wilson Mark Eliot VP of Financial Reporting 21,779

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